Thursday, April 29, 2010

9 Months

You've been out as long as you were in...well almost, but we won't get into that now (you were only 4 days overdue...if the doctor hadn't said you'd be early, I would have hardly noticed!) I really can't believe how time is flying.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Favourite

Just nevermind the unmade bed!


Mr Man is getting a new tooth. There is more drool and his little nose is snotty. The nights are a little longer and more cuddles are needed. If this is as bad as it gets, I can't complain one little bit!
He is watching daddy cut the grass (a favourite pastime of ours) and there are fewer smiles than usual...really the only way I can tell something is wrong.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A blog I frequent had this quote posted today and I felt a connection. Just wanted to share.

And while it takes courage to achieve greatness, it takes more courage to find fulfillment in being ordinary. For the joys that last have little relationship to achievement, to standing one step higher on the victory platform. What is the adventure in being ordinary? It is daring to love just for the pleasure of giving it away. It is venturing to give new life and to nurture it to maturity. It is working hard for the pure joy of being tired at the end of the day. It is caring and sharing and giving and loving…
Marilyn Thomsen

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monkeying Around

One of Ethan's favourite places to play is our bed. He loves to crawl over pillows, play peek-a-boo in the blankets, sing No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and most of all, look out the window in the hopes of catching a bus go by. Lucky for us our bed is a king so there is plenty of room for 3 to sleep and 3 to roll around and tickle little bellies. There was good light this day, little dude was all smiles, and surprise! I actually thought to take out my camera. It didn't hurt that he was wearing my favourite shirt that day, a shirt that should have been retired a few weeks prior, mind you. It has now been laundered for the last time and put away for good so I'm so glad to have these pictures (have you noticed I get a wee bit sentimental when I have to pack up his clothes? Why is he growing so fast!)

He just looks so grown up here

A little blury but I love his little grin
This one just cracks me up. In the middle of the night, when Ethan was trying to use me as his pacifier for about an hour and a half we thought that maybe, just maybe he would want his suckie. This is what we came up with at 2am and no, he didn't want it. He found it in the blankets the next morning and knew just what to do with it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Easter

Easter morning started bright and early. Ethan was very intrigued by this bucket filled with stuff (a new 'E' for his wall, some books, bubbles a tambourine,a shovel and of course, Little People) I cheaped out on the bucket this year. I had my eye on this but want the baskets to be the same in case E ever has a little brother or sister, so dollar store plastic it is!
The tambourine was a hit...
We hosted brunch for Darin's side of the family. I'm not sure The Powers That Be wanted me to do this because I almost burnt the house down three times but I think it turned out quite well and it was so nice to have everyone here. Carrie took some great shots and posted them here. The Easter Bunny visited again and this time left E some new Crocs!
After brunch we headed to the park. Ethan went flying on the swing and then spent some time entertaining Gramma and Grampa.

Back track to Good Friday (why does Blogger always post my photos in reverse?)

The holiday weekend was kicked off in Windsor where my parents always host the Good Friday Seafood Feast. The Easter Bunny made an early appearance at Grammy and Nonno's house and Ethan got some more of his beloved Little People (though the sign from this particular set was his favourite and it spent the rest of the day in E's mouth) and his very first Tonka truck.

A trip to the park was in order. The day looked overcast but it was quite lovely out. Warm with just enough breeze, my kinda day. The Swings are always a hit and E had his first ride on the slide with Auntie Ness. You guessed it...he loved it!

Aunt Kathy tought E how to climb the stairs, too. He mastered the 2 steps from our family room to the kitchen just days before but this was his first big climb. The first trip up was rather slow moving but after that he was up in a flash. After each climb he would turn to check out his audience (and an audience he had...10 or so people crowded around stairs!) and wait for his applause. He was just so proud of himself. This was only a half flight of stairs...the ones at home are a full flight and he has made the trip, oh, about a hundred times already. Life as we knew it is over!

And it wouldn't be Easter without the Bunny Cake. We've been making this cake since I was little and my sister and cousin have taken over the tradition. Here is your cake, ladies...

On Saturday Ethan's 'God Family' stopped in for a visit. I know Auntie Megan had her camera out...maybe she can send some photos our way. :)