Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 Months

I can't belive another month has gone by! At the beginning of the month you started to smile and laugh at us for real...not just when you are pooping...and that is how we are greeted every morning, like you are just so happy to see us. You are getting bigger by the day, too. At your one month checkup you weighed 9lbs 6oz and were 24 inches long. We will find out how much you have grown next week at your next doctors visit, but for now you are still smaller than the cats! We have gone on a few road trips...twice to see Grandma and Grandpa Cook in Chatham and once to see Grammy and Nonno in Windsor. You love the car and are so good for us, which is a relief since we have The Big Trip coming in a few days. Everywhere we go you just take it all in, you are just so curious! Ethan, you are such a delight and I am thankful for every single day (even the ones where I can't see straight because I am just so tired!)